Let me introduce my sweet Lana, bred by Deborah Fullerton from Ringside kennel in USA. The first time I saw Lana's mom at Debbie's house I was impressed , a beautiful girl ofcourse, but her temperment catched my eyes and for me it was clear to have a daughter from Gypsy. With 3 girls in the litter I choose Lana, for me she had it and until today she still has!! Lana is a slow maturer and will be shown ofcourse.. As you can see from the pics she is a great girl and with the best temperment I have ever seen in an Akita. She is proud and I mean really proud, everybody looks at her when she is passing by with an attitude I own the world. She just loves every people and even other dogs, but she adores shiba puppies.  Lana is a girl that can be off leashed and listen right away when I call her, her energy is 100% every day, for me or someone else. Her first litter with the topmale "Hunter" ( Regalia's Loaded For Bear) gave 9 beautifull puppies, we kept Binti and her sister "Bilma" Mara-shimas Pillow Talk went to Spain to Damybeg kennel. At the Spanisch specialty, judged by the famous and very kind Dave Kililea from Redwitch kennel, he gave Bilma the BOB.


With Lana her second litter out of our Rio she gave 4 beautiful pups again.

The boy: mara-shimas The World is Waiting went to "Lord Of Odate's Inheritance "kennel in Germany and we cannot wait how he will turn out...:-))

              Atomic 8 months

His sister Olympia ( mara-shimas One World One Dream) went to Elisa Masutti in Italy and Olympia did us proud to become best baby at the specialty held in bratislava after the worldshow. With the monografica 2009 Olympia went 3th best pup in show.

Olympia has a good start, we want to wish Elisa and Emanuele a lot of succes.


Olympia 4 months


Olympia 6 months, picture taken by Fabrizio Cali...

Olympia 7 months

Bowie 6mnd ( Rio X Lana)

Bowie 1 year ( Rio X Lana)


Lana has found her way into my heart and I love her deerly. She is my soulmate!!

Lana is OFA excellent ( HD-A), eyes cerf clear ( nov.'07 + jan.'09 + feb.'10 + march'11) and patella grade 1.


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Lana-shibapups-.JPG (73207 bytes) Lana-shibapups-16jan2008.JPG (80911 bytes) Lana--.JPG (69345 bytes)

Pics taken by Ria van Middelaar when Lana was 16 months old.

Lana-16mnd-.JPG (110036 bytes) Lana-16mnd-3.JPG (92937 bytes) Lana-16mnd-hoofd.JPG (84352 bytes) Lana-16mnd-hoofd2.JPG (66563 bytes)




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